Today Begins with Tea: Proper Tea

Friday, 8 August 2014

I love cities. I love the rushed atmosphere, all the people, the surroundings. But sometimes the chaos can be slightly overwhelming. Because of this, it's nice to find a place of tranquility. I find that these come best in the form of cafes and little restaurants. When in Manchester yesterday, I took it upon myself to try out a cafe at Manchester Cathedral called Proper Tea. It had a cute exterior, and looked rather inviting.

Even though I loved the exterior of the tea room, the interior was even better. The inside was designed in the loveliest way, and everything had a very natural feel to it. Little things like the menus being delivered on clipboards, the small flowers on the table and the counter being made out of parts of old doors gave it a very unique look. Proper Tea was like no where I had ever been, which made me like it even more.

I ordered a chicken with pesto and roasted red pepper toasted sandwich, along with a pot of Proper Breakfast Tea (obviously!). I read on the menu that the tea was loose leaf, so I was excited to try it as I'd never had tea like that before. The tea arrived promptly, and I was given two tea pots. One had my brewing tea inside, and the other one was empty and had an infuser sat on top of it. The waiter explained to me that the timer that came along with my tea is used to show you how long to leave your tea to brew before you transferred it to the next pot, depending on your preference of how strong you like your tea. Although the idea was simple, I loved it. The tea itself, which I left brewing for around four minutes, was delicious.

I'd say my sandwich arrived around fifteen to twenty minutes after my tea, which was fine with me as I had a lot of tea to get through (in total, I drank five cups of tea... In just an hour!) The toasted sandwich was so tasty, which is unusual for me as I always find sandwiches quite mediocre. I think it was the pesto which gave it the delicious taste. I'd definitely recommend this sandwich if you take a trip.

After I finished my sandwich (which took me a while, it was surprisingly filling) my mum and I decided we couldn't miss out on a slice of the amazing cake which was on offer. There were so many options and I saw the most interesting looking rainbow cake. However, I opted for the chocolate cake and my mum decided to have the carrot cake. Once we'd ordered our dessert, one of the waitresses took my pot of tea and refilled it with hot water, which I was very happy about as now I could have a cup of tea with my cake. Both of the slices were huge, but it meant that we could take the left over cake home - I'm actually eating it now as I write this!

Overall, Proper Tea was one of the nicest cafes/tea rooms I've been to this year. I'd recommend it to anyone, and  if you do take a visit, make sure to come back and leave a comment telling me what you thought of it! If anyone is wondering, my top is from Brandy Melville and my maxi skirt is from Hollister.


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