Arrival of Autumn

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

With the near arrival of autumn, my outfit of the day was inspired by the changing of the season. I paired a cream cashmere jumper with a light weight, printed skirt and a pair of leather fur lined booties...

Today Begins with Tea: Proper Tea

Friday, 8 August 2014

I love cities. I love the rushed atmosphere, all the people, the surroundings. But sometimes the chaos can be slightly overwhelming. Because of this, it's nice to find a place of tranquility. I find that these come best in the form of cafes and little restaurants. When in Manchester yesterday, I took it upon myself to try out a cafe at Manchester Cathedral called Proper Tea. It had a cute exterior, and looked rather inviting.

Even though I loved the exterior of the tea room, the interior was even better. The inside was designed in the loveliest way, and everything had a very natural feel to it. Little things like the menus being delivered on clipboards, the small flowers on the table and the counter being made out of parts of old doors gave it a very unique look. Proper Tea was like no where I had ever been, which made me like it even more.

DIY: Pocket Design

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Today my more creative side came out and I decided to jazz up a t-shirt I'd bought from H&M. I'd gotten inspiration from a lot of Brandy Melville pocket design t-shirts I'd seen in store. The process was very simple and the changed shirt was finished in just half an hour. Here's what I did...

Day Out by the River...

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Yesterday I spent the day out in Chester, stopping for lunch after taking a stroll by the river. Here's some snaps from the day and my outfit of the day...

☆☾☼ The Sun, The Moon and Stars ☼☽☆

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Today's outfit of the day features one of my favourite wardrobe pieces - a long sleeve, scoop neck printed top. I absolutely love the sun, moon and star print, and I've wanted a shirt like this for so long. I matched the crop top with a dark wash denim skater skirt, black heeled boots and a little black satchel...

My July Monthly Must Haves

Friday, 1 August 2014

1.) Dr Martens (1460) - I've wanted these boots for so long now, and I'm still yet to buy them. I have a dupe pair from H&M, which I actually really like, and they were only £30. But, every time I find myself in a shoe shop I always gravitate towards the Dr Martens stand and stare at these shoes. I think I'm going to cave pretty soon and buy a pair, as I've worn my dupe pair pretty much every day for the past few weeks.

2.) Pins & Needles Becky Tee Dress - Recently, I took a trip down to London and bought my first ever t-shirt dress from Brandy Melville. I wasn't sure if it would look that flattering on me, as on the hanger it looked pretty boring. But once I tried it on, I fell in love. It's comfort and style brought into one, which instantly makes it ten times better. Because I love that dress so much, I've felt like I've missed out on the t-shirt dress trend and feel as though should stock up with 50 more... My favourite that I've came across has to be this ivory one from Urban Outfitters, I love the plunged v-neck!

3.) Textured Wrap Ottoman Skort - I've always been put off the idea of a skort, as it reminds me of a purple gingham one I used to own when I was eight... However, when online window shopping on Topshop, I came across this beauty. I absolutely love the wrap detail and I feel like it could add a lot to an outfit.

4.) Small Dog Clip Backpack in White - When I was shopping in Urban Outfitters recently, I came across this gorgeous little backpack. I'm pretty sure I fell in love instantly, there's just something about white leather that looks so classy to me. I love the clip on the front and the zip detail on the back. I didn't buy it on that trip, but I think I'm going to have to make another just so I can.

T in the Park

Friday, 1 August 2014

Last month, my friend and I took a trip up to Scotland to attend the famous festival T in the Park. I was beyond excited and decided that instead of risking the loss of my Canon S110, I would take two disposable cameras. Here's some of the photographs I ended up with...


Greeeeat photography skills there, Roisín!!! I'm guessing this was inside the tent at some unholy hour, I couldn't help but wake at 9 ish every morning - which might not sound too bad, but when you're getting back to your tent at 3/4 am ish everyday... Well, yeah. Damn tent neighbours!

I would like to take a moment to thank the Lord for the invention of Pizza Pockets. The first day at T I dared to try a chicken and noodle pot... Never again. So big thanks to Uncle Gio's Italian Joint, you guys rock!

Friday's weather was incredible! I actually managed to get pretty sunburnt on my legs as well... Not so clever thinking I'd be ok splattering sun cream all over my shoulders, neck and face. Note to self: Don't forget legs.

I was super happy to see You Me At Six perform Reckless live... That can now be ticked off the Bucket List.

If I remember correctly, this was HAIM. They pull some pretty interesting expressions whilst singing but it in no way takes away from their talent. We chilled out when watching their set and ate a pizza - the amount of pizza we ate in the space of four days was slightly worrying.

After watching Imagine Dragon's set in the crowd, we set off to find some ice cream. This shot actually worked out pretty nicely! I was lay down underneath the Ferris wheel after eating an extremely satisfying Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Nom.

 I wasn't that interested in Ellie Goulding's set, but once she was over a lot of people left. My friend and I stuck around till Ed Sheeran's set, Ellie Goulding's ended at 8:10PM and Ed's started at 8:40PM, so it wasn't too long. My legs were aching like crazy though. However, it was all worth it as we got to the front! (Well, there were the VIPs in front of us, but who cares about them...) Oh, and I managed to make it on to TV - yep! My brother spotted me on BBC 3's coverage of Ed's set!

Ed Sheeran was unbelievable. I've been a fan of his for years, I remember listening to A Team shortly before it entered the charts and being blown away by his talent. I've never got emotional whilst watching a band or artist, but when Ed sang Give Me Love I got pretty close. That song holds a special place in my heart and I remember discovering it in October 2011, when my friend bought me the + album for my birthday. To this day, it's still one of my favourite songs. Ed's performance of Don't was also great, the passion in that song is incredible.


Saturday is upon us! And just look at how many horrible (and extremely LOUD) seagulls there were flying over our campsite.

We're not exactly the tidiest pair... And to think that those wellies were in immaculate condition just the day before. Mine were less purple and more brown by the end of the weekend. I'd post a photo of our tent but it's messiness is slightly embarrassing, so you'll have to wait for a pic when we've tidied everything up.

Popped back to the campsite to get some things and just look at all those seagulls! Why this is the last of my photos from Saturday is beyond me, because evidently I thought these seagulls were more important than Pharrell, Paolo Nutini and Calvin Harris(???!!!) I'm going to blame the lack of sleep. However, my friend and I found our selves half asleep in our tent at 10ish, but when it reached 10:45 we realised Paolo Nutini's set was coming to an end in ten minutes. There was NO WAY in hell I was going to miss Last Request, and I'd already had to accept that I'd missed New Shoes and Scream (Funk My Life Up) *cries*. However, after looking like idiots running in wellies in the rain - I'm pretty sure it was raining... Saturday's all quite a blur  - we made it just in time for Paolo to sing his second to last song. Initially  my heart sank because I thought he had finished his set, but then he began strumming his acoustic guitar and gave the most beautiful performance of Last Request. That song was one of my highlights from the weekend.


The first act we wanted to see on Sunday was Sam Smith, so off we went to the Radio 1 Stage! We made it for the end of Sam Smith's set, and saw him perform Latch, Money on My Mind and Stay with Me. All three of the songs were incredible, but his performance of Stay with Me gave me goosebumps. He is a truly talented artist.

Back to the ferris wheel. This time, I managed to force myself not to eat pizza and opted for pasta instead. It was surprisingly tasty, and rather nice to be eating something rather than dough.

Bastille were great. Yet another band who are perfect to listen to live. My favourite songs they performed were Of the Night, Bad Blood and Pompeii (obviously).

Once Bastille finished, we chilled for a bit and then made our way to Tinie Tempah's set at the Radio 1 Stage. That guy has some seriously great stage presence, and the crowd were loving him - which made it even better. After Tinie's set ended at 8:50PM, we occupied ourselves until 9:20PM, which was when Arctic Monkeys came on. Although they were late, they were incredible. I got to hear one of my favourite songs by them, Arabella, so I was incredibly happy. All I could think was that they were the perfect band to end a great weekend. Again, I don't remember why, but my friend and I ended up running back to the crowd to see Arctic Monkey's end their set - and I was extremely happy with their last song choice; R U Mine?

The night ended with fireworks as everyone celebrated the last T in the Park being held in Balado. Here is my pathetic attempt at getting a 'cool' photo of the ferris wheel which was lit up in the dark. Yes, I know... Major fail.


Time to go! My annoying festival phone - a Nokia (brick style) - blared out an extremely obnoxious alarm, but it did the trick. We were up and out of the tent with forty minutes to spare before the bus left - believe me, it was a trek and a half to find it so it's a good thing we left that much time. 

Bye bye, tent! Tangerine Fields was lovely and I'd recommend it to anyone! Since this was both myself and my friend's first time 'properly' attending a festival (AKA staying more than one day), it was quite nice having a tent set up and ready for us. It also took away from the risk of us not being able to find our tent in the middle of the night (however we did manage to do this once... I still don't know how).

Here's a shot of the next lot of people waiting to get their coach from the front row of the bus. I'm so glad my friend and I got taken out of a queue and put on a new bus straight away - hallelujah! The bus journey was pretty quiet, I suppose that's what you get when you add young people with no sleep and then mix in some post festival blues.

Last picture on my 2nd camera, a man playing the bagpipes! This was at a crossing and is a rather in the spur of the moment shot (explains the blurriness), but I think I just needed to take at least one touristy photo.

* * *

*all the photos in this post are mine*

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