Music of the Month: Max Milner

Monday, 28 July 2014

Now, take a second to look back to 2012 (that long ago?! Yes, that long ago). In particular, season 1 of the (at the time) new TV series; The Voice. Remember? Does that ring a bell... Anyone? Well, anyway... I remember watching the series, interested in the unique basis of the TV show: a singing competition that focused solely on the voice, rather than this known 'whole package' artists are meant to have today. However, one artist stole the entirety of my interest during the audition process; Max Milner. He performed a mix up of Eminem's Lose Yourself and The Beatle's Come Together, and I was hooked. I remember downloading the song, playing it on repeat, trying to show my friends just how talented this guy was. And then, I lost interest in the TV show, and slowly forgot about the different finalists... Even Max.

So, this month, whilst I was scrolling through Twitter, I was surprised to see Max Milner sitting in my 'Who to Follow' box. Hey! That's that guy from The Voice who you were kinda sorta obsessed with! Remember???!!!! I was surprised to come across him two years later, but then realised he'd released new music. How did I not know about this? So, I jumped on to Spotify and gave his 2013 The Acoustic Deleted EP a listen. I was hooked yet again. The music is raw and the lyrics are great, and now after listening to his other EP, Man Overboard, I can say I'm yet again listening to his music on repeat.

My personal favourites from Milner? It has to be Sex Sheets and While I'm Young. Or maybe Like Me Slightly as well... Ok, don't make me choose a favourite, just choose your own!

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