Lewis Watson - The Morning Album...

Thursday, 31 July 2014

For the past three or so years, I have followed Lewis Watson's music. I remember stumbling across his YouTube page and watching one, and then followed by many, of his covers. I used to only really listen to acoustic music back then, so Watson's covers being accompanied by his acoustic guitar playing made me like his music even more. I remember thinking that it was crazy that he wasn't that well known, and found myself following his journey to success. Recently, Lewis has released his first album, The Morning, which was a big jump from the EPs he had released throughout the past couple of years. However, I believe the album displays Watson's talent, progress and hard work. It truly is an album you won't want to miss out on, so give it a listen!

As a user of Spotify, I found that The Morning album held thirty seven tracks, which included all his past EPs. I was so happy to see Bones was on there; it was one of the first originals I heard by Lewis and I loved it. I hope this will give Bones the recognition it deserves. Take a listen...

Some of my newer favourites include Outgrow, Holding On and Ghost. However, older tracks that you have to give a listen to are Windows, Calling, Little Darling and What About Today? (If you are a spotify user, you can find all of these tracks on the new album The Morning and on iTunes you can find them under The Morning (All of the Songs)!)

I'm so happy for Lewis' success and can't wait for him to reach an even bigger audience, as his music develops further. Look out for his name this year!

Outfit of the Day: Coastal Tones

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

For today's ootd, I paired leather boots with a cotton denim-like skirt and a printed cropped tank top. I love this outfit and found that it's perfect for this summer weather, even with the darker colour scheme...

Skirt: Red Herring
Jacket: H&M
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Ring: Topshop

Holy Grail Product of the Month: Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Coming from a girl who suffers with particularly flat and at times rather thin hair, this product was a real savior! Whilst away in America earlier this year, I knew I had to find this stuff due to the reviews I'd come across online for it. So, whilst staying in New York, my Mum and I took off on a shopping trip, and what did I come across in Urban Outfitters? This beauty! I was so excited to use the product, but held back until I got home. Although it's super easy to use, I sort of forget about it's existence when I got back, as it was exam season for me, and even if we don't want to admit it... AS Levels are significantly more important than the 'just got back from the beach' appearance of my hair. (Only just though.) Anyway, summer is upon us and I have more free time than ever.

I've found that the sea salt spree works best on towel dry hair. Then, to give it the texture I want, I scrunch my hair repeatedly and then leave to air dry. I love how it looks and the spray actually smells rather nice! I would recommend this product to anyone suffering with thin or flat hair, or even somebody looking for a new way to volumize their hair!

Outfit of the Day: Summertime

Monday, 28 July 2014

Today I took a walk through my home village with my friend, stopping for lunch and an ice cream on the way back. This was my outfit of the day, and I think it suited the weather perfectly - English summer can be particularly unpredictable, but recently for the better! I decided to wear my new kimono from Urban Outfitters, which I am loving at the moment! It's a great piece for adding a little something to an outfit.

Kimono: Urban Outfitters
Top: American Eagle Outfitters
Shorts: Topshop
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Free People
Shoes: Toms

Music of the Month: Max Milner

Monday, 28 July 2014

Now, take a second to look back to 2012 (that long ago?! Yes, that long ago). In particular, season 1 of the (at the time) new TV series; The Voice. Remember? Does that ring a bell... Anyone? Well, anyway... I remember watching the series, interested in the unique basis of the TV show: a singing competition that focused solely on the voice, rather than this known 'whole package' artists are meant to have today. However, one artist stole the entirety of my interest during the audition process; Max Milner. He performed a mix up of Eminem's Lose Yourself and The Beatle's Come Together, and I was hooked. I remember downloading the song, playing it on repeat, trying to show my friends just how talented this guy was. And then, I lost interest in the TV show, and slowly forgot about the different finalists... Even Max.

So, this month, whilst I was scrolling through Twitter, I was surprised to see Max Milner sitting in my 'Who to Follow' box. Hey! That's that guy from The Voice who you were kinda sorta obsessed with! Remember???!!!! I was surprised to come across him two years later, but then realised he'd released new music. How did I not know about this? So, I jumped on to Spotify and gave his 2013 The Acoustic Deleted EP a listen. I was hooked yet again. The music is raw and the lyrics are great, and now after listening to his other EP, Man Overboard, I can say I'm yet again listening to his music on repeat.

My personal favourites from Milner? It has to be Sex Sheets and While I'm Young. Or maybe Like Me Slightly as well... Ok, don't make me choose a favourite, just choose your own!

Return to Blogging...

Monday, 28 July 2014

It's been more than a year since I last posted on this blog... A year! Ironic how I also stated that, and I quote, 'I'm going to try and update more often, I promise'... But let us not forget that I snuck in a little '(sort of...)!' at the end, just to make sure that if I did fail at this - which evidently I did - I could not be held against my promise.

Anyway, let's keep the past in the past. I'm back! I've given my blog an entire makeover, and I'm loving it! I've decided to change up what I'm doing on here, and hopefully that will keep me focused. With my interests ranging from photography, to fashion, to writing, I hope I can incorporate all three of those passions into this blog.

Over the past year, a lot of things have changed. Looking back, I can see that last year I wasn't particularly into this whole 'blogging' thing, but now, I've got a new perspective on it. I see it as somewhere I can express how I feel or even talk about what I'm currently loving - from matters such as music to new trends.

So that's all from me...

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