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Friday, 9 November 2012

So this is my first ever Blogspot post, ooh, what an influential  time in my life! So basically, I wanted to give you guys a little introduction to myself, or take a read to your right in my little bio box for a quick summary.

So my name's Roisín (Ro-Sheen, not raisin, hoisin, rosin, believe me, the list of pronunciations I've heard in my life can continue)  and I live in England, in what I guess could be considered the boring area... Yep, sorry to let you down, but I don't live in the awesome city of London, no, much more up North... *Sigh*

I've been living where I live for more than ten years now and recently turned 16... I'd say for the past two years I have been contemplating as to whether I should make a YouTube channel, and told myself I would when I turned 16... And I did, but it didn't quite go to plan.

So I turned 16 and I made my channel (in fact, I think I made it before my birthday), I filmed some videos... But they never seemed good enough. I wondered for a while as to why I can't say the words I find so easily to write when I'm sitting in front of a camera. Now, don't get me wrong here, I will upload YouTube videos one day, maybe when I've left the hell hole known as high school, but for now, I think I'll remain unidentifiable on my blog.

Now back to moi's life, I don't believe that's correct French, but there's another fact about me for you, I'm awful at French, even though I have been learning it since the start of year 7, yeah... That's right, I started learning it in 2008 and the most I know is 'je m'appelle Roisín'... Maybe some more I guess, but that's my one well known line.

Anyway, (sorry, I get easily sidetracked), this blog is where I'll share my interests. Whether it's what music I've been listening to recently, fashion which I've found catching my eye or even the food I've been eating, hence the name of 'Totally Roisin', it's nothing in particular, it's just... Well, just me.

I don't know if Blogspot will be what I've been looking for... But hopefully it is.
So yeah, stay tuned for future posts.

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