A Typical, But I Guess Not So Typical, 'Roisín' Weekend

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hey guys!

So guess what I invested in? Only the Blogger app for my iPhone! So that's why I'm blogging late tonight, because I'm just writing whilst in bed, I have school tomorrow and since I wake up at 6:55, and it's already 11:16 PM, I should probably get to sleep soon. So anyway, let's get on to my weekend.

On Saturday I was faced with the evil realisation that I had to start revising for my mocks soon, so what did I do?

What else could I do that seemed productive to my parents but involved no school work?

I tidied my room.

Yep, and I started at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and ended at midnight... That's just how messy it was.

Then today, I filmed all of my footage for my media final production piece and edited about three quarters of it. Media is something I take great interest in, more the physical side, which relates to how I want to take film studies and photography at A Level, so it wasn't that bad a day. Apart from the fact that I couldn't find any software which would allow me to play a video clip in reverse, so if anyone knows of anyone, please leave a comment! (Preferably free).

And one of my favourite shows is back... I'm a Celebrity! Yay! I'm already loving Ant and Dec's typical puns and banter, how I love those two.

So that's all for today folks, talk soon.

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